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timeka burlew

Mrs. Jocelyn that was awesome! As a child I loved to dance. As I became a teen dancing was no longer a passion for me. I enjoyed watching others dance but wouldn't dance myself.

When I gave my life to Christ I suddenly had the passion again. I felt it in my heart & soul. I started to feel insecure & didn't want to dance b/c I have no formal training. But the Lord began to give me dreams with complete choreography. I was amazed...I am now dancing for Him & refuse to stop.


Praise the Lord, Jocelyn! I, too, used to do what we called modern dance in high school & college. I was saved in '81, but it was not until the yr 2000 that I began praise dancing and I love it--a wonderful way to use our talents for the glory of God-- Prophetess Betty Sims


Wow Betty thank you so much for taking time out of your life to share.
Are now part of a team in your local Church.


Timeka i am so glad to here from you.
I am glad you have decided to not stop dancing for Him. It is a wonderful testimony that God has given you your passion and dream back.

Anna Litchenberg

Dear Jocelyn,
I'm so excited to find you on the internet and become familiar with your ministry. The Lord called me to dance in 1991 after I saw a woman at our church express worship with a hawiian style dance. I was blown away that we could worship our King of Kings with our whole being and started studying scriptures and got involved with a local dance group that celebrated the messianic feasts and also taught myself with videos. The Lord has had me lead a couple of dance groups over the years but now I'm "solo" again! My desire is to tell "His" story through movement! Either myself or my team has ministered in churches, workshops, senior communities and a woman's prison. I'm in need of encouragement! How do I participate in your Tele-Classes...I don't have a URL Web Site and I'm not on face book or other social network sites? Also, I need a new double circle dress. Do you recommend any internet company for worship apparel? I did sign up for your newsletter and received the first one today on Hebrew and Greek Word Study for Dance. I read Debbie Roberts book "Rejoice" many years ago and it was a good reminder.
May God continue to annoint and bless your dance ministry.
Anna Litchenberg
Wings of Worship

Lynnea Johnson

Wow, I was blessed by each of you sharing your dance testimony.

I never studied dance as a child, although I always loved dancing. I remember being in dance recitals around the age of 4 or 5, but that was about it. Maybe, 3 or 4 years ago I volunteered at a woman's shelter with my church and did a dance selection and it's really been non-stop from there! God sent many people after that into my life to confirm and encourage that this is a gift HE gave me and to use it to give Him glory. I'm so thankful for this!


Hello Jocelyn,
Before I give my testimony I wanted to say that I enjoy your ministry. I watch your videos when I need encouragement and the Holy Spirit comes through every time.

As a child I wanted to be an actress and a choreographer and loved to entertian my family and friends by singing and dancing and reciting scenes from my favorite movies; and I must say they all loved it. However, I also sruggled with low self esteem and as I got older I started to feel that I wasn't good enough and that I didn't have real talent at all. But, thanks be to God when I was saved at 12yrs in 1998 and it was then the Lord showered me with His love and showed me that He would use me in the dance. I started to train when I was 14yrs at a local christian studio where I learned dance technique. I also learned technique from the dance squad I was on for 2yrs in high school. So, it has been 12yrs and I am still dancing for the Lord.

I am also seeking to start a praise dance company. I am planning to rent a sutdio and start offering a few classes in September of this year. I am very nervous because praise dance is new to the area I live. If you would please keep me in your prayers that I will stay focused on the goal, which is to spread the gospel through dance.

Thank you! God Bless you!

Shaquanna Brinson

That was a dynamic testimony and I see how you have such fantastic facial expressions. When I was a little girl, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. It was affecting my whole life. I could not consentrate on my classwork or homework, I was always in trouble, I would disrupt every class, and I was always in the principals office. Then one day my church decided to start a dance ministry, I was 9 at that time, I was utterly mezmorized by their dancing and astonished that it was in the church, the one place I loved to go. At that time the dance leader was Christina Collins and from that moment on I was stuck on liturgical dance and I took classes in ballet, modern, jazz, and 1 class of tap. My grandmother was excited because she said that this was a way to channel all of my extra energy but I could not even imagine that it would affect my life the way that it has. My grades improved, I was no longer on so much medication and I didn't get into too much trouble, although I still had a lot of energy. Even now there are times when I feel sad and weiry, but when I get up and dance, everything else fades away, and I feel nothing but the presence of the Lord.


I love reading these stories!

Well here is mine. I have always loved dance, I danced in the community center programs growing up in New york city and I went to A jr. high that was dedicated to the arts. I have always seen dance in my head, I figured it was something that I just loved to do. One day in 2005 I saw a group our teens minister in my church and there was an unjuntion in my spirit. In 2006 some one told me I would lead a dance ministry and I thought they were joking, then when the time came, I ran to the wilderness for a year. In 2007 I lead the ministry but didn't understand what I was called to do fully till 2008. I praise God because his hand has been with me every step of the way. it has been times when the enemy has tried to pervert the gift for his use, but God will be glorified and forever will HE reign in my life.

God Bless, Minister Fortenberry

Sharita Overman

Hello, my name is Sharita. I live in Suriname - South Amerika. I always loved dancing, but when I got saved and saw how God was praised in the dance, it touched my heart. But there was so little knowledge about the ministry itself and I just started as part of the group(already helping with choreography) and so it went on till it was confirmed that God was really using me in this ministry through testimonies of what people experienced when I was dancing. It's been 15 years now, but I've studied a lot and now I have knowledge of the Word so minister the way God wants it. For almost 9 years we have a dance school also. That's in short how I started. And of course help others first to understand the voice of God if their chosen for this ministry and than to do ministry. Not how I started. God bless you.

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