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Hello! I just came across your blog and I've read many of your posts. I am very thankful to God for leading me here. I needed your words of direction and encouragement. I know God has called me to dance ministry and I have done about 4 dances now in our church. The first 3 I was accompanied by 2 other ladies who have since moved away. The last God gave me the courage to go alone. I have been at a stand still now as life seems to be crowding out dance time. Also, there is a girl who came to me wanting to dance the next time with me. I am unsure of whether she is called to the ministry & I do not believe she is focused on the Lord. However, I do not want to judge her or turn her away if it is God's will. Could you please join in prayer with me for more understanding? Have you ever been in this situation? I enjoyed dancing with others but, I feel much more liberated when it's just me and Jesus. I at times felt like I was being put "in a box" dancing with others as my movements had to be restricted, not just how I felt. I do see a future vision for a dance team but, right now I feel like I would like to learn and grow on my own. This girl is younger than me and wants me to teach her. I don't know if I'm ready to lead as I am not well qualified. Any advice and prayers will be much appreciated! Thank you! Jessi :)


Just thought I'd mention one more thing. When I was younger I saw you dance and while you were dancing my Mom looked at me and said, "That could be you someday." That is a wonderful memory for me especially as, my Mother is now with the Lord. When I was little, I would dance and I always knew it was for Jesus. I never realized that is what he was calling me to do though, until a couple years ago. Now I look back and see his guiding in many ways like the love and encouragement of my Mother and a woman of God named Jocelyn who danced with grace and beauty for Jesus.


Thank you for this post. I will give this a twirl and see how he blesses me.


Cheryl, Thank you for your comment.
Let me know how the twirl goes.

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